Camping in Shivpuri Rishikesh

Embellished with the sheer bliss of nature, camps at Shivpuri Rishikesh showcase a lure that will promisingly entice you. Camping at Shivpuri features a picturesque location with serene mountain views. With the camping in Shivpuri, you'll get a chance to experience splendid adventure sports like river rafting, kayaking, ziplining & trekking. If you are looking for a vacation spot with your bachelor friends or up for a family vacation this place is perfect for both intents.

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Top 5 Camps in Shivpuri

There are an array of camping sites available in Rishikesh featuring the different views, facilities, and theme. Below are some most famous campsites and luxury camps in Shivpuri which will surely give you a perfect camping adventure.

Ganga River Side Camp

  • Camp No. RC02 | Occupancy: 90 Adults
  • River: Located at Ganga River Bank
  • ✅ Just 20 meters downhill from road.
  • ✅ White sand Ganga beach nearby.
  • ✅ Real tent camping experience
  • ✅ Sports (Beach Volleyball, Badminton)

Price Range:
Rs 1100 - 1500

Mountain View Luxury Camp

  • Camp No. RC03 | Occupancy: 100 Adults
  • River: Ganga River at 02 Kms
  • ✅ Free parking at campsite.
  • ✅ Swimming pool at campsite.
  • ✅ Swiss camps & cemented cottages
  • ✅ Bonfire & light music at night.

Price Range:
Rs 1400 - 2000

Shivpuri Camp with Pool

  • Camp No. RC01 | Occupancy: 55 Adults
  • River: Ganga River & Beach @ 200 mts
  • ✅ Just 20 meter uphill from Road
  • ✅ Swimming Pool
  • ✅ White sand Ganga beach Nearby
  • ✅ AC Camp & Non-AC Camp with Air-Cooler

Price Range:
Rs 1300 - 2000

Ganga River View Camp

  • Camp No. RC04 | Occupancy: 49 Adults
  • River: Ganga River at 200 meters downhill
  • ✅ Just 100 meter uphill from road.
  • ✅ White sand beach at short trek.
  • ✅ Ganga river view swimming pool.
  • ✅ Light music at night (7-10 PM)

Price Range:
Rs 1400 - 2400

Jungle Camping Rishikesh

  • Camp No. RC14 | Occupancy: 90 Adults
  • River: Ganga river at 2 Kms
  • ✅ 50 mts downhill walk from road.
  • ✅ Swimming pool at campsite.
  • ✅ 01 Kms from National Highway
  • ✅ Music, bonfire, & games

Price Range:
Rs 1400 - 2000

Cottage in Rishikesh

  • Camp No. RC08 | Occupancy: 90 Adults
  • River: Ganga River at 300 mts.
  • ✅ 150 mts uphill from road.
  • ✅ Cottage with swimming pool.
  • ✅ Bonfire & music in evening
  • ✅ Non-AC cemented cottages.

Price Range:
Rs 1500 - 2000

Adventure Camp in Rishikesh

  • Camp No. RC09 | Occupancy: 80 Adults
  • River: Ganga River at 2.5 Kms
  • ✅ 150 meters uphill walk from road.
  • ✅ Lots of activities inside campsite.
  • ✅ Beautifull mountain view.
  • ✅ Rope course, cricket, badminton

Price Range:
Rs 1400 - 2400

Deluxe Camping Rishikesh

  • Camp No. RC12 | Occupancy: 50 Adults
  • River: Ganga River at 300 mts.
  • ✅ 250 mt uphill from highway.
  • ✅ Swimming pool at campsite.
  • ✅ AC cottage available
  • ✅ Rafting point @ 300 mts

Price Range:
Rs 1500 - 3000

Night Camping in Rishikesh

  • Camp No. RC17 | Occupancy: 90 Adults
  • River: Ganga river at 03 Kms
  • ✅ 30 mts downhill from road.
  • ✅ Paid parking at 100 mts.
  • ✅ Camping with swimming pool.
  • ✅ Swiss camp & AC cottage.

Price Range:
Rs 1400 - 2500

Camp with Swimming Pool

  • Camp No. RC10 | Occupancy: 90 Adults
  • River: Ganga river at 04 Kms
  • ✅ Free parking at campsite
  • ✅ No uphill-downhill walk.
  • ✅ Swimming pool at campsite
  • ✅ Weelchair accessible.

Price Range:
Rs 1600 - 2500

Budget Camp in Rishikesh

  • Camp No. RC15 | Occupancy: 45 Adults
  • River: Ganga river at 02 Kms.
  • ✅ 50 mts downhill from road.
  • ✅ Paid parking at 100 mts.
  • ✅ Swimming pool at campsite
  • ✅ 02 Km from highway

Price Range:
Rs 1400 - 2000

Sivpuri Valley View Camping

  • Camp No. RC13 | Occupancy: 50 Adults
  • River: Small river at 200 mts
  • ✅ 150 mts uphill trek from road.
  • ✅ Swiss Camp & AC Cottage.
  • ✅ Camp with swimming pool
  • ✅ Music at night (07-10 PM)

Price Range:
Rs 1400 - 2500

Premium Camping in Rishikesh

  • Camp No. RC21 | Occupancy: 90 Adults
  • River: Ganga river at 3.5 Kms
  • ✅ Free parking at campsite.
  • ✅ Suitable for old age people.
  • ✅ AC Camps & AC Cottages
  • ✅ Clean & big swimming pool

Price Range:
Rs 2800 - 4000

Nature Campsite Rishikesh

  • Camp No. RC05 | Occupancy: 28 Adults
  • River: Ganga river at 200 mts
  • ✅ 100 mts uphill trek from road.
  • ✅ Ganga River at 200 mts downhill.
  • ✅ Swimming pool at campsite
  • ✅ Music & bonfire in evening

Price Range:
Rs 1300 - 2000

Rishikesh Camping with Bonfire

  • Camp No. RC23 | Occupancy: 60 Adults
  • River: Ganga river at 3 kms
  • ✅ 150 mts uphill from road.
  • ✅ Swimming pool at camp.
  • ✅ 03 time buffet meals
  • ✅ Sports (Volleyball, & Badminton)

Price Range:
Rs 1500 - 2000

Why Choose Camping at Shivpuri?

  • All types of campsites available (Luxury, Beach and Riverside Camps)
  • Near to Ganga River - Shivpuri village is located at the bank of river Ganges and so all campsites here are close to Ganga River
  • Proper Double Lane Road - Shivpuri lies on the NH58 (Badrinath Highway) and transport to reach here is easily available
  • Best quality of food & service is served at the campsites
  • Near to River Rafting Starting point. 16 Km river rafting starts from Shivpuri.

Shivpuri Camping Itinerary -

Day 01: (Check-In: 111:00 AM) Arrival at the Shivpuri Campsite. Walk around the vicinity and explore the location on your own. Once you are settled down, lunch will be served in an hour or two. You can participate in games & activities available at the campsite or can go trekking to nearby places. Enjoy your Evening Snacks with tea by 7 PM - 8 PM. Enjoy the unlimited dinner at the camp while enjoying the beautiful evening with a Bonfire and Music.

Day 02: Wake up early morning to enjoy the beautiful sunrise with morning tea. The breakfast is served around 9 AM. You may check-out from the camps by 10:00 AM after having breakfast.

About Camping in Shivpuri, Rishikesh

Located far from the hustle and bustle of busy city lives, Camps at Shivpuri Rishikesh is a famous weekend destination to all nature & adventure lovers from Delhi and nearby places. Camping in Shivpuri near the banks of the river Ganges offers a perfect blend of panoramic mountains, nature, dense forest, and adventure. Shivpuri is also known as the river rafting starting point. In Shivpuri, you'll get every type of campsite according to your need. Apart from camping, one can also take part in various activities like river rafting, kayaking, ziplining, rappelling, trekking, swimming in Ganga, cliff jumping, etc. Camping at Shivpuri camps offers both tranquility and fun, and the perfect gateway for those who are looking for an escape from the monotony of life.

Types of Camps at Shivpuri
  • Riverside Camps Shivpuri
    Camps facing the pristine riverfront and untouched mountainous forests around, this campsite is perfect for adventure seekers.
  • Luxury Camps in Rishikesh
    These are the luxury swiss camp comes with an attached washroom and all basic facilities.
  • Beach Camps in Shivpuri
    Camps are located near the banks of river Ganga and offer breathtaking views of the mountains around.
  • Huts/Cottages in Shivpuri
    These are the cemented or wood huts provides all camping like itinerary. They have spacious bedrooms with chic decorations.

FAQs About Shivpuri Camping

Which is the best camp in Shivpuri?

Camp Ganga Vatika is the most popular camping site at Shivpuri. This campsite has more than 3 campgrounds in Shivpuri at different locations. Whether you need beach camps (normal tents) or luxury camp with attached washroom, Camp Ganga Vatika offer every type of camps in Shivpuri. Check our list of top 5 camps in Shivpuri and surely you will find some best camps for you according to your need.

Is camping in Shivpuri near the Ganga river available?

"Yes" - Campsites near to Ganga River are available. They are located at a short distance from the river. Here is the list of campsites located near the Ganga River -

Which are the best Shivpuri camping packages?
PackageCost Per Person
Beach Camping₹ 1100
Beach Camping + Rafting₹ 1700
Luxury Camping₹ 1300
Luxury Camping + Rafting₹ 1500
Luxury Camp with Swimming Pool₹ 1500
Pool Camping + Rafting₹ 2100
What are the activities available at camps in Shivpuri?

Shivpuri is a small village located in the outskirts of Rishikesh and famous for adventure tourism. The most popular adventure activities in Shivpuri are white water rafting and camping. Other than these there are lots of adventure sports to enjoy in Shivpuri. Here are some of the best adventure activity which you can experience with camping in Shivpuri.

  • Zipline (Over the Ganga River)
  • Reverse Bungee
  • Sky-Cycle
  • Kayaking
  • Body Surfing in Ganga River
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Trekking
  • Rope Course
What is the best time for Camping in Shivpuri?

In short, all months are best for camping in Shivpuri. If you are visiting camps in Shivpuri for river rafting then the best time will be summers. And if you are coming only for camping then you can visit in any month throughout the year.

Season of Camping & Rafting in Shivpuri?
  • Beach Camps: Open from October to May
  • Luxury Camps: Open throughout the year(All Months)
  • Rafting: Open from October to May